Short- and Long-Term Forecasts Suggest Highly Variable Winter Temperatures

As winter rapidly approaches, it’s time to look at current conditions and weather patterns expected to impact North America during the next six months.

Although the temperature and precipitation patterns in October 2016 were similar to those in October 2015, the underlying causes were polar opposite patterns in the Equatorial Pacific. Last year we were entering an exceptionally strong El Nino in October, while this year a weak to moderate La Nina appears to be unfolding.

Above Normal Temps, Precipitation Forecast for Nebraska

Al Dutcher, Agricultural Extension Climatologist, NSCO

According to the Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service, the start of the fall harvest season has begun in earnest. As of September 18, two percent of the corn and soybean acreage had been harvested. With temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s this week, we would expect these harvest numbers will have increased by the next report Monday, especially for soybeans.